Cardroom Magic offers the ultimate cardroom poker solution for your casino.
It is a functionality rich, intuitive, and offers end to end control of all poker played in over 80 casinos worldwide. 24/7 support is included.
Make the experience more enjoyable.

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About us

CardRoomMAGIC is the leading software solution for managing all aspects of poker played in casino cardrooms. We are a dedicated team that always meets clients expectations. Please contact us to discuss further and enhance your poker experience with CardroomMAGIC.

CardRoomMAGIC offers complete control of all poker played in the Cardroom. Tournaments are handled from the start to finish. Entries, re-buys/add-ons, breaks, prize money are all covered plus the ability to create ante, prize and league structures. A Cash game option is also available.


Key Features


Create custom tournaments from start to finish. Control entries, re-buys/add-ons, breaks, prize money and much more.

Cash Games

CardRoomMAGIC has a cash game feature which allows custom cash games to be created. Cash games can be created with the ability to take rake and session charges.


Manage eliminations, re-buys, re-entries and add-ons via a PDA or mobile device.

Poker App

CardRoomMAGIC has its own Poker app which displays all tournament schedules and any cash games available via an android or iOS app.


Chip movement tracked at key stages throughout.

  • Full selection of reports.
  • The cardroom is easier to run and remains consistent.
  • Promote events on the plasma during play.
  • Poker leagues.

Remote Re-Buys and Add-Ons

Remote Re-Buys and Add-Ons are scanned in using a PDA. The user can select from a list of entries if scanning is not possible. The Plasma display is updated immediately showing the number of Re-Buys plus the cumulative prize pool.

A receipt is issued via the wearable printer and a duplicate is printed at the desktop. The whole process is wireless. Multiple handhelds supported. Re-Buys and add-ons can also be cancelled with Manager authorisation.


CardroomMAGIC has an extensive reporting suite which helps identify the key players in your tournaments. This includes cash game player history, tournament player history, cash game player points and cash game playing time.

Plasma Display

Display tournament clock that details all the information about the game. Also, display waiting list for cash games.


Sequentially numbered receipts for all entries, re-buys, add-ons and prizes. All transactions are stored in the database and are visible on reports.


CardRoomMAGIC covers every aspect of a poker tournament. It allows you to create fully configurable tournaments and retrieve any element of any tournament for a variety of reasons. security, promotions, analysis etc.

Other features include remote re-buys and add-ons, announcements as the blinds increase and complete tournament histories. Prize and ante structures can also be created to suit your requirements.

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